Top Travel Destinations Covered By Delta Airlines

If you are planning your next trip then plan it with Delta Airlines. You do not need to make a booking in advance. Delta Airlines will make you fly whenever you decide to fly. If you want an escape to a beautiful beach destination or planning to enjoy the outdoors in hills then choose Delta Airlines. Even when the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has brought the entire world to a grinding halt, Delta Airlines keeps you informed about any unexpected change in the latest travel requirements. Delta Airlines also tries to keep most of the requirements available through your air journey to various destinations.

Where do you want to travel?

Visit the Delta Airlines website and explore the complete list of destinations that the airline service is operating flights to for the next few months.

What are the travel requirements?

Delta Airlines monitors the safety and security updates on a real time basis and puts restrictions wherever needed and possible for the complete safety of the passengers until they reach the destinations.

Are you ready to travel?

Delta Airlines is operating flights to many of the destinations right now. No matter if you want to visit the beaches or flies to the mountains, enjoy outdoor dream experiences or be in the tropical getaways, Delta Airlines has all covered for you. You can discover the best of the destinations and check the latest offers on these destinations by visiting the Delta Airlines website.

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Here are some of the destinations covered by Delta Airlines:


Travel Period -- January 16 to 22, 2021

MAIN CABIN ticket price -- $267


Travel Period -- December 22 to 28, 2020

MAIN CABIN ticket price -- $397

Salt Lake City

Travel Period -- January 4 to 12, 2021

MAIN CABIN -- $463

Besides the popular air routes like Caribbean, Salt Lake CIty and Mexico, you can also choose from a host of beach destinations like Miami, Savannah, West Palm Beach and Fort Myers.

For the lovers of Outdoor Adventures, Delta Airlines has destinations like Phoenix, Seattle, Portland and Anchorage.

If you miss the travelling amid the coronavirus pandemic then explore the destinations offered by Delta Airlines. Book tickets without any hesitation. Nn additional change or any award redeposit will be added to your Delta Airlines tickets that you purchase before December 2020. 

Delta Airlines also offers you some flight deals that brings you back every time to the airline service whenever you plan to travel.

Delta Airlines Offers requests all of its passengers to download the mobile application that keeps them informed about all the flight updates. The passengers can also access their boarding passes using the mobile app. This will stop them from using the touch screen kiosks at the time of COVID-19 spread.